Beyer Garratt Articulated Locomotives – Catalogue, Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd, Manchester, December 1947 [ebook]


Beyer Garratt Articulated Locomotives – Catalogue, Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd, Manchester, December 1947.

Hard back book, 11.25”x 8.75”, pp164. Coloured frontispiece ”The Royal Train in Rhodesia”, black and white photogravure photos of 50 different classes of narrow gauge locomotives and 20 of standard gauge or wider.

File size: 27mb – 186 Pages


Despite being produced in the period of post-war austerity, and paper shortages, this publication can only be described as luxurious. Beautifully designed, and printed on semi-art paper, each class is illustrated by an official works photograph, in grey livery, while many have additional pictures showing them at work in Africa, Asia, India, Australasia, the USSR the Middle East and South America. One might have thought that this latter market would have been dominated by manufacturers from the USA, but many important South American Railways were owned by British companies, until they were swept up in the fire sale of foreign assets forced by Congress, before they would agree to the “Lease-Lend” proposals of President Roosevelt.

Full technical specifications are given for each class, with some maps and gradient profiles of the routes over which they worked.

This catalogue was an attempt to get back into World markets, neglected during WWII when British loco manufacturers had to move to armament production and much needed “Austerity” locomotives for use at home, and after “D-Day”, in Europe. The Attlee Government were desperate to boost exports to pay for expensive social reforms and for the nationalization of railways and utilities at home, so behind the scenes strings were probably pulled to make quality paper available.

The whole publication exudes pride and confidence in the future. Who could have imagined that Beyer Peacock would go out of business less than 20 years later? Please be patient, this is a large file and will take some time to download.





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