Chronicles of the Blackwall Yard, by Henry Green and Robert Wigram, Whitehead , Morris and Lowe, 1881[ebook]


Hard back book, 10.5”x 8.0”, pp.69. Bound in blue Morocco leather, with gold tooling and lettering.  (Note- although subtitled “Part 1”, Part 2 was never published) Double page spreads – map of Thames in 1588, Parish of St. Dunstan, Stepney, 1703, colour lithograph East India Docks . 12 black and white and colour engravings, of ships, views of yard and personalities.


This is a narrative history of one of the more important and long-lived Thames Shipyards.  All vessels known to have been built before 1843, when the yard was divided into two, are listed. The claim has been made that Blackwall built more ships during the French , Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.  This is true up to a point, but it should be mentioned that the Rotherhithe firm of Randall and Brent built more, although they did operate two shipyards.

It is obvious that no expense was spared in producing this book. It was printed on high quality thick paper and it is unlikely that it was ever on public sale, but was intended for presentation to customers and other VIPs. Copies do turn up on the second hand market from time to time, with prices around the £80 –£90 mark.

“Print on Demand” copies are also available from India and the USA, but these are in black and white only, and taking into account postage costs, this fully printable download is a bargain at.


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