Contributions to the Maritime History of Great Britain [ebook]


Contributions to the Maritime History of Great Britain, compiled by John Crichton Jnr., privately published by the London Graving dock Co. n.d. but c.1948. Hardcover book, 9.75”x 7.5” 80pp. Numerous black and white photographs, plans and engravings.


A collection of essays, newspaper and magazine extracts, with quotations from company minute books, relating aspects of the history of the sites currently occupied by The London Graving Dock Co. Prominence is given to well-known vessels – “Fairy”, ”Himalaya” “Warrior, “Thunderer”, etc.

Brief histories of Orchard Shipyard, particularly of C.J. Mare, also his activity at Bow Creek and subsequently that of Thames Ironworks. There is a large section dealing with Maudslay, Sons and Field and also John Penn and Sons, both of which are lifted straight from Barry, although the text fails to make clear that both firms had long been out of business for many years.

These items are followed by more notes on Ditchburn and Mare, the Thames Ironworks, and James Ash, including some useful lists of ships built. The remaining half of the book is concerned with 19th and early 20th century re-buildings of drydocks, activity in both World Wars and repair of bomb damage. (note the book includes 12 pages of “bread and butter” letters from grateful mercantile and naval ship captains, expressing appreciation at the speed and efficiency with which repairs had been executed. These are not very informative and are NOT included in the download).    A bit of a rag-bag, but contains information not readily available elsewhere. Printed when paper rationing was till in force on acoated semi-art paper, which is going powdery, so illustrations ar not of top quality.

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