Coronation Scot New York Worlds Fair 1939 [Pamphlet]


The Coronation Scot  New York Worlds Fair 1939. Leaflet – 8.75”x 5.5”, opening to 21.25”x 16.5”  Printed in America, for distribution to visitors to the train. Includes four black and white photos of interiors of carriages, one of train exterior, showing locomotive fitted with bell and headlamp to comply with American safety regulations. Numerous other photos of places served by the LMS, but not necessarily by the Coronation Scot!


It is as well that the photos were not in colour. The Coronation Scot locomotives and carriages running in Britain were painted blue, with silver bands. The train which arrived in the USA, was crimson lake with gold bands, and the locomotive was not the real “Coronation” but a substitute. “Coronation” was in need of overhaul, so the nameplates were transferred to newer sister locomotive “Duchess of Hamilton”. The LMS driver sent over with the train was taken ill, so Robin Riddles (who would later be responsible for leading the team designing the British Railways Standard steam locomotives) had to take over driving duties. The outbreak of WWII left the train stranded in the USA, but locomotives were desperately needed in Britain, so the fake “Coronation” was shipped back in 1942, to swap identities again. The carriages never returned. The leaflet is not in good condition, but is complete.


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