Epping Forest by F.H. Headley, Great Eastern Railway nd but c1922 [ebook]


Paper covered booklet, 7.25”x 5.0”pp 64, 5 superb folding maps at scale of 6” per mile of the forest places of interest and walking routes between GER stations. There are 30 pen and ink drawings of botanical subjects, wild life and buildings. I have been unable to discover any information about the author, who apart from being a knowledgeable naturalist, was also obviously a talented artist and skilled cartographer. His maps really are the highlight of the booklet, beautifully drawn and full of detail.


Most railway companies had some kind of “in house” printing facility even if only a duplicating section for daily and weekly traffic notices. The Great Eastern was unusual, in that it had its own well-equipped printing works adjacent to Stratford Market station. Apart from the daily bread and butter output this was capable of producing high quality work like this booklet and the guide to Stratford Locomotive Works linked below.

It would be fascinating to try one or two of these walks today, and see just how much, or in remoter parts, how little has changed. A most unusual and attractive little booklet.





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