Halford Cycle Accessories for 1935. The Halford Cycle Co.Limited, 1935 [ebook]


Paper covered catalogue, 7.25”x 4.5”, pp. 166, hundreds of B&W line blocks.



Do you  want a new oil lamp for your bicycle?  Or do you  want to modernize it by fitting gas lamps?  Seriously, it is all contained herein, as are “…flapping bird mascots for front wheel  mudguards… the faster you cycle the faster they flap!” or perhaps you could be tempted by “Siren driven by front wheel  – very popular with boys!”  I’ll bet it was!

This is a fascinating example of the kind of ephemera, which seldom survives past the date on the cover. Few things are more useless than an out of date catalogue. This recalls a time when the majority of privately owned wheeled vehicles in Britain were bicycles and this catalogue lists, and in many cases also illustrates everything needed to keep your machine on the roads.

There is also a section dealing with prams and push – chairs and several pages devoted to that other popular 30’s activity- camping. (tents from 7s-11d, about 40p in present day money!)

Download this slice of social history to a memory stick to make an unusual nostalgic gift for a present day cycling or camping enthusiast.



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