How To Build A Good “00” Loco, by”Pro”, Hamblings, London. c.1950 [ebbok]


Booklet, green stiff  card covers 8.5”x 5.5” pp. 70, pp.2  price list of parts for “00” Loco construction. Numerous explanatory diagrams, 7 black and white photos of prototype locomotives but none of completed or part completed models.


Hamblings claimed that their little shop in Cecil Court, of the Charing Cross Road to be “The Home of “00” Gauge” although ne suspects that others, including Bassett-Lowke might dispute that claim. They manufactured components fr building 00 gauge locos an rolling stock, but are perhaps best remembered fr their “Builteezi” printed card model building sheets. Of superb quality, unlike many of today’s “ready to plant” resin buildings, they were true 4mm to the foot scale, and could be made into buildings with a real bulk and presence, which looked as if they had been designed by an architect.

This little booklet seems to have been intended to promote the sale of Hamblings loco parts. While there are photos of prototype locos, there are none illustrating stages in the completion of a model, or indeed of the finished article. The instructions are enough to scare off all but the most skilled or courageous of modellers. Three different types of soldering iron are required, and advice is given that joints must be made quickly, otherwise previous ones will come unsoldered , or the brass may warp.

At the final page the author says “the constructor must not be disappointed if the result does not justify his expectations… it takes years to learn the tricks of the trade”.

Indeed! In the meantime, put salve on your burned fingers, and Elastoplast on the gashes caused by the sharp edges of cut brass!



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