Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd., Selection of Catalogue pages, Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives [Catalog]


Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd., Selection of Catalogue pages, Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotives.    10”x 8”, nd. Fourteen black & white half tone illustrations of narrow gauge locomotives built by Hunslet, or by defunct companies like Kerr Stuart, whose good-will, drawings and patterns Hunslet had acquired. Each carries a detailed specification of the loco illustrated, ranging from the tiny 2ft gauge, 3 ton 7.25 cwt. WREN , originally a Kerr Stuart Design, to the massive 2-8-2 tender locomotive for the 2ft 6” gauge Barsi Railway in India, turning the scales at over 40 tons. Also featured, an example of the well-known “Quarry” Hunslet  type, of which an astonishing number survive, and the “WD” 4-6-0 tank, one of which ended its life on the Harrogate Gasworks Railway.


Included is a covering letter from Geoff Horsman, who assembled this selection in response to an enquiry from a member of the public. Because of his personal interest in, and extensive knowledge of, the Company’s records, Geoff tended to be given letters of enquiry to deal with. I can personally testify that he did so with unfailing patience, courtesy and helpfulness, having been supplied by him with photos and GA drawings in connection with various research projects. My experience of locomotive works had been limited to visits to Crewe, Darlington, Doncaster and Swindon as a schoolboy. When I made occasional visits to Hunslet in the 1960s, thanks to Victor Melling and Don Townsley, I never ceased to be amazed at how compact, not to say small the place was. The skill and ingenuity involved in the construction of a monster like the Barsi locomotive, for example, must have been considerable… 


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