“Mauretania” Souvenir Number, The Shipbuilder and Marine Engine Builder, June 1939 [ebook]


Mauretania” Souvenir Number, The Shipbuilder and Marine Engine Builder, June 1939. Paper- back book, 13”x 10”. pp. 112 plus pp.62 advertisements. Printed  throughout on semi-art paper. Colour plate “The new Cunard White Star Liner MAURETANIA”. Five folding plates; hull design, general arrangement, structural design, main propelling machinery, and boiler installation. Apart from the usual ego massaging portraits, there are 137 other illustrations.


If this were in hard covers, it would be a “coffee table” book. The quality of the print design and illustrations is outstanding, and far from being a waste of space, many of the adverts are outstanding examples of Art Deco taste.


The Mauretania claimed to be the largest merchant vessel so far built in England (the “Queens” were built in Scotland, the big White Star liners, were built in Northern Ireland). The second Mauretania was built by Cammell Laird of Birkenhead she was the first new ship delivered to the combined Cunard White Star Line. Mauretania was laid down on 24 May 1937 as Yard Number 1029. This new medium sized Cunarder was launched on 28 July 1938 by Lady Bates, wife of the Cunard White Star chairman. She was named Mauretania to honour the previous record breaking Mauretania which had been retired in 1935. On her withdrawal, in order to prevent a rival company using the name and to keep it available for the new liner, arrangements were made for the Red Funnel paddle steamer Queen to be renamedMauretania in the interim. The ship was designed for the London to New York service and was the largest vessel ever to navigate the River Thames and use the Royal Docks. She was also intended to stand in for one of the Cunard Queens when they were undergoing maintenance.

The new Mauretania’s smart and stylish accommodation marked a further enhancement to the standards of cabins, public rooms and general facilities provided for passengers of all grades by Cunard White Star Line. Please see http://www.britishtransporttreasures.com/product/the-new-mauretania-by-h-t-w-bousfield-cunard-white-star-1939-ebook/ which we also have on offer.

Mauretania sailed on her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on 17 June 1939 under the command of Captain A T Brown (who had delivered the previous Mauretania to the ship breakers), after remaining in New York for a week she returned to Southampton via Cherbourg on Friday, 30 June 1939. Like Aquitania 25 years before, Mauretania was to experience only the briefest period of commercial operation before the outbreak of hostilities halted this work for over six years. Returning from the next voyage, Mauretania called at Southampton, Le Havre and finally London where she berthed in the King George V Dock. From August she was switched to the London- New York service for which she was intended. Here she, supplemented the Britannic and Georgic on the London to New York service.[2]

On 11 August 1939 she left on her final prewar voyage to New York. On her return she was requisitioned by the Government. Mauretania was armed with two 6-inch (150 mm) guns and some smaller weapons, painted in battle grey, and then despatched to America at the end of December 1939.

After travelling over half a million miles in war service she returned to peacetime duties after an extensive refit in 1947 she served both on the Atlantic, and as a cruise ship until withdrawal in October 1965.

This book is a fantastic souvenir of a wonderful ship. It is a big file so please be patient while it downloads.



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