MODERN LOCOMOTIVES OF THE LMS, by D.S. Barrie, LMS AND Loco Publishing Co., 1937


MODERN LOCOMOTIVES OF THE LMS, by D.S. Barrie, LMS AND Loco Publishing Co., 1937. 51pp., inc. full colour paper cover, 29 high quality sepia photogravure photographs of locomotives including the latest diesel shunters. This is an unusually high quality production for this period in LMS history, when paper and printing expenses were firmly under the beady eyes of Lord Stamp’s “bean counters” of the Executive Research Office. Most printed materiel – even that associated with the prestige “Coronation” train gave the impression of having been produced down to a price. One wonders if Mr. Stanier and Mr. Barrie came up with the idea of a booklet where all the material was LMS Copyright, but published outside the railway, as a means of circumventing the dead hand of the ERO, and producing something a class above what had become the norm.



The impressively named Derek Stivens Maxwelton Barrie (1907-1989) was a journalist and railway enthusiast, who later became well known as the author of several books on the railways of South Wales. Like some others (John Eliott and George Dow for example) he joined the railway, in his case the LMS, dealing with press, publicity and public relations matters, and worked his way up to General Management. I was fortunate enough to know him in the 1960s, when he was Deputy General Manager, then General Manager of the Eastern Region at York. We met socially at SLS and NERA meetings when I was a very junior clerk, but he was always affable and approachable, as long as one did not talk “shop”. I shall remember him with gratitude, because I understood from the late Ken Hoole, that although I was way down the list of applicants for a job in PR&PO, DSMB ensured that I at least had the chance of an interview. I was successful, and it was my first “leg up.”



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