“Sentinel” Steam Waggon Catalogue 1912


 “Sentinel” Steam Waggon Catalogue 1912, Anon., Alley and MacLellan Ltd, .Booklet, 8.5”x 6.0”, 96pp. (note, for reasons of economy in scanning and downloading, certain blank pages have been omitted and the format slightly altered in size) Tipped in coloured frontispiece and profusely illustrated with 31 black and white lithographs, showing the main types of 6 ton “under-type” wagon and trailers available, and types of load carried, together with a brief section on the short-lived Sentinel 5 ton “over-type” – with machinery mounted traction engine style above the boiler. Beautiful illustrations of all engine and boiler parts, layout of controls in the driving cab etc.


The catalogue gives details of prices, packing and shipping charges, of operating costs, and testimonials from satisfied customers. Hints for users on maintenance and running costs, extract from the Heavy Motor Car Order 1904, giving legal position re registration, speeds, loads etc.

This booklet goes a long way to explain how, even before the post Great War introduction of the ”Super Sentinel”, for certain traffics these vehicles were able to compete effectively with internal combustion driven lorries for nearly three decades.

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