Shipbuilding in Rotherhithe – Bull Head Dock to the Pageants – Parts 1 & 2
The Nelson Dockyard
Greenland Dock & Barnard’s Wharf [ebooks]


“…this widely acclaimed and important series of Rotherhithe booklets was researched, written and published by Stuart Rankin.  Originally published in the 1990s, these booklets have long been out of print”. Chris Ellmers, President, Docklands History Group.


Now they are available again as fully printable PDF files at a special introductory offer of £5-55p for the set of four. Later this year they will only be available as individual booklets at £1-55p each.

Following the Thames Downstream they are:-

Bullhead Dock to The Pageants – Part I

Bullhead Dock to The Pageants – Part II

The Nelson Dockyard

Greenland Dock & Barnard’s Wharf

 Printed in A5 format. Over 160 pages, including maps, ship lists and a bibliography inside front and back covers. Profusely illustrated with photographs, drawings engravings and B&W copies of paintings.

Although more recent research, and archaeological work have produced some new information, these booklets remain a comprehensive study, from Stuart times to the end of commercial shipbuilding at Rotherhithe in 1870.





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