The First Railway in Norfolk, Anon. (in fact by George Dow) 1944 [ebook]


Booklet, 8.5”x 5.5”, 24 pp. inc. cover, 23 black and white half tone photographs and engravings, map and six line drawings of early Norfolk Railway locomotives.


It is some measure of the importance which the LNER placed upon its heritage, that at the height of WWII, before D-day and with air raids still taking place, the company devoted time and scarce rationed paper to marking the centenary of the first railway to open in Norfolk.

The author was the LNER “Press Agent” George Dow, who with his later 3 volume history of the Great Central Railway would establish himself as one of the leading railway historians of the last century, setting a high standard for others to follow. In this work, he is already establishing his readable and informative style with a properly rounded history, not just concentrating on locomotives and train service. Dow went onto write more historical booklets for the LNER, and progressed through the ranks to become a Senior Officer and British Railways Divisional Manager.

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