The Locomotives of the London Brighton and South Coast Railway 1903 [ebook]


Hard back book, 7”x 4.5”. 245pp, 8 tipped in black and white plates, 144 line drawings of locomotives. One of the first,( and best) of the locomotive histories of individual companies.


“Anon.” was in fact (G.) Frank Burtt, who was born in Greenwich, served an apprenticeship in the repair shops at New Cross, and spent most of his working life in the drawing office at Brighton Works. Although he retired in the 1930s, Burtt returned to Brighton Works during the war, helping out in various capacities. He had the probably unique distinction of serving under Stroudley, both Billintons, Marsh, Maunsell and Bullied. It is not clear how much of this book was compiled during “Companys Time” – the drawings alone must have occupied many hundreds of hours. Also, Burtt must have had access to records which no longer survive, particularly judging by the sure-footed way he guides the reader through the complexities of John Chester Cravens nightmare collection of locomotives – over 500 and no two alike! Burtt did have the support of R.J Billinton who however insisted that publication must be anonymous.

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