The Modern World Book of Motors, by Laurence H. Cade, nd but 1949, Sampson, Low, Marston & Co. [ebook]


Hard cover book, coloured illustrated boards, 10”x 8”, pp.160, profusely illustrated with B&W half tones and drawings. Apart from the cover, there are six spirited and dramatic colour paintings, including a police inspector, still wearing his trilby, leaping from one speeding car to another, the RAILTON SPECIAL land speed record car, motorcycle dirt track racing, and motor racing in the days when men were men and cars looked like cars, not like giant computerised skateboards.


Those of us who were children in the dreary post WWII austerity period, will recall what a monochrome world it was. If a book featured colour, it would probably be limited to the dust-jacket and possibly a frontispiece. The standard of printing was not brilliant, and paper shortages further reduced the quality of books. This work was well above theaverage for the time, and would have appealed to “boys of all ages” because it is written in clear language and does not talk down to the reader.

The history of the motor car is well illustrated and told, not forgetting buses, lorries and other commercial vehicles, including those for the emergency services. The history ofthe RAC and the AA is covered including their role in developing motor sports like racing and rallying. The development of the motorcycle and associated sport is not neglected.

How the 11 year old me would have loved to have been given this as a present! Over 60 years on, it still offers much information and entertainment, which it would be difficult to find within a single pair of covers today.



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