The Track of the Coronation Scot, July 1938 [ebook]


Booklet, 9.25 x 4.25” pp. 32, plus covers. With a striking Art Deco cover, this booklet contains strip maps “Read upwards going north, downwards going south” of the route between Euston and Glasgow. The sketch maps not only indicate features of interest to be seen on either side of the train, but indicate the position of every overbridge and significant underbriidge with the names of rivers and canals crossed.


For those interested in timing the train, there are pages (there was one booked stop for two minutes at Carlisle), listing major stations with passing times in each direction. The original owner of this item had a disappointing journey, arriving 16 minutes late, after five permanent way speed restrictions and an unexplained stop at Oxenholme. In contrast to the high speed trains of today, it is interesting to note that this, the best effort of the LMS, was booked at an average speed of 61.7 mph. There was no supplement as such for travelling on the “Coronation Scot”, but compulsory seat reservation tickets were required at a charge of 2/6d both first and third class.

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