The Wallsend Slipway & Engineering Co. Limited 1871-1929 [Booklet]


Booklet, 9”x 12”, embossed colour stiff paper covers, pp48, ribbon bound. There are 31 high quality B&W photogravure illustrations, including aerial view of yard, liners, naval vessels, engines, boilers and other activities. An unusually lavish piece of corporate publicity to be produced at such a critical time.


A table on page 41 speaks for itself, showing the total horse-power of boilers and furnaces fitted up with liquid fuel appliances.

1921     881,780     The last year of the brief post WWI boom.

1922     247,165      First year of recession

1923     333,892

1924     230,506

1925     190,009

1926     165,000     Miner’s strike, General Strike

1927     350,792     Partial recovery

1928     313,334     First hints of coming depression.

The company had produced a Golden Jubilee celebration booklet in 1921. This 1929 publication harks back to that, and in effect says “We are still here, and despite all the problems, we have some notable achievements to report”. There may also have been a feeling that, if something were to be produced, then it ought to be of high quality, which might not be affordable in the future.

Beautifully designed and printed, this might also have been a boost to morale… The Jarrow March is not far in the future.


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