Yorkshire Steam Wagon Catalogue, n.d. but c1924, The Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co. [Booklet]


Yorkshire Steam Wagon Catalogue, n.d. but c1924, The Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Co.Booklet, 7.5”x 4.75”, stiff card covers, front embossed with gilt title, pp.48, of which three are blank for notes.There are 26 B&W photogravure illustrations, of which one is tinted in colour to illustrate how the fire tubes are always covered in water, even on steep hills. Publication date estimated on basis of printed testimonials written in late 1923.



It is always a pleasure to discover how well designed and printed engineering firms catalogues of the 1890-1930 period usually are. After the later date, all too often they have been produced by an advertising agency as part of a corporate publicity campaign, cheaply, to use up the dregs of the budget.


The “Yorkshire” steam wagon (only one “g” – Sentinel, being of Scottish origin used the spelling “waggon”) was quite distinctive in appearance from any of its rivals. From the front, it had the appearance of a hammer with a short stubby handle standing on its head. This was due to the use of two short railway locomotive type fire tube boilers sharing a common fire box, with the chimney mounted vertically above, and individual smoke box doors at each end for cleaning purposes. The majority were chain driven, but when this catalogue was produced, cardan shaft versions were being introduced. These were faster and quieter than the chain driven ones, and all working parts were totally enclosed in ACCESSIBLE OIL TIGHT CASING reducing the requirement for daily lubrication and lubrication on the road.  This is a very attractive item, featuring some unusual vehicles.



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