BRITISH PLEASURE STEAMERS 1920 – 1939, by Geofrey Grimshaw, 1939, (1943) Richard Tilling [ebook]


Hard cover cloth covered boards, 8.5”x 5.5”, pp367, B&W frontispiece, 48 B&W half tone photographs, some tipped in on art paper, remainder in text.


The author noted that various cases due to the war delayed publication by four years, but that the information contained is correct, so far as possible up to 1939. Beginning in 1920, it therefore covers the “Indian Summer” of the British Pleasure Steamer. Withdrawals and scrapping of vessels due to age, wartime losses, economic circumstances and changing holiday fashions meant that the post war revival services were but a shadow of those extant in 1920-1939.

There is a comprehensive alphabetical index of ships mentioned, an appendix giving the fleet lists of each of the major operators, and one listing those running single vessels, during the 1939 season.

Here it has been possible to obtain the information, the official number, name, date completed, date acquired, date placed in holiday service, date withdrawn, length, breadth, depth, NRT, GRT, registered horse power of engines, are given.

It must have been quite a struggle to get this printed and published in wartime conditions!



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