The First Sixty Years – Souvenir of Last Tramcar running in Liverpool 14 September 1957 [ebook]


Booklet, 9.5”x 6”, 40pp. excluding covers Over 50 black and white half tone photographs of horse and electric trams and motor buses, plus pictures of workshops, staff training, etc.


The slightly misleading title refers to the anniversary of Liverpool Corporation beginning to run trams.

 In many respects it is a pity that they were scrapped. Particularly in some of the outer suburbs, where the cars ran in the central reservation of dual carriageways, the service was congestion free, and more akin to an American “Interurban” electric car service.

Of related interest- Liverpool Overhead Railway Guide listed in “Railways General pre 1948.”

I sometimes wonder if I am the last survivor of a Liverpool tram de-railment? When I was two and a half, I was quietly minding my own business in the back seat of my father’s pre-war Talbot saloon (the “Black Hearse” – see Railcar Progress) while he was buying some tobacco. An errant tram left the rails and pushed the car, with myself inside through a shop window, causing the first floor front wall to collapse on top of the Talbot. When extracted from the wreckage, neither self nor Talbot were much damaged, and could be driven home… They do not make them like that any more!

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